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What long term pain medication is equivalent to oxycontin?

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kaismama 2 Jul 2014

There are quite a few extended release medications. Mscontin, opana, fentanyl patch, exalgo, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. Your pain dr would know what to prescribe for you.

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balbanese 2 Jul 2014

As far as equivalent? I'd say none, as far as the one that's most prescribed as an alternative I'd say MS Contin. There are others bot for me these two are the most interchangeable (though very different in how they behave in the body). Hope this helps.

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balbanese 2 Jul 2014

typo: *but for me, not "bot." sorry

DzooBaby 2 Jul 2014

Opana ER is a good alternative for Oxycontin. All these different opioids work a bit differently and they all react differently in each and every human body so there is no "true" equivalence. There are charts that can estimate potential equivalence but true equivalence is hard to determine because metabolism of these drugs are based on many complicated chemicals and enzymes and every person is a little different.

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rasic 21 Jul 2014

Hi ... hope u are feeling better. Here's an honest to God answer... the longer u take oxycontin or any of them "the less it works" it's called toerance" . Ive had 8 surgeries on abdomen for intern al bleeding servere nearly died times 3... Had organs removed. Last surgery 13 hours long... then started getting a sxxt load of AUTO IMMUNEs like ALL from arthritis to lupus strogens diverticulosis and diverticulitis so so bad and whats worst

rasic 21 Jul 2014

One more note word of strong advice... DON'T TAKE more oxycontin than you REALLY NEED... take less... because last year june was at 500mg a day! Yes per day!!! I took myself off everything
this past January..was NOT FUN being as ill as i am... pain is a friend it lets u know when something is where etc... when totally medicated you can't pin addition to all auto immune s ive innumerable tumors from brain to feet... yeah and growing... was at mayo 4 months after spending my lives work 800k gone... lost everything they had ba... s send me home pain management. I'm so angry with medical i scream at my doctor s 13 to point i feel the won't see me again... but they do because I'm the Guinea Pig... lol not funny but true ..listen the tolerance thing real and too much opioid pain meds makes pain MORE prevalent... i don't know how to explain but by my theory your nerves become more sensitive or something... hey i know i what u sound like...

rasic 21 Jul 2014

Lastly question everything and research every drug before you just take it... consequences for every drug out there and its an industry so do the math!!!

Mlevo1011 30 Jul 2014

There are a few such as Opana ER, Roxicodone, and others similar ones.

Your Neighbor 10 Jun 2015

There is a generic equivalent to Oxycontin. Check out the company called Actavis. Currently, too the best of my knowledge, has been given the rights to make oxycodone hcl er, which is basically the same medication as Oxycontin. free discount card

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