I've been on pain med for 11 years... I have not felt well in years, but this last year I've felt sicker and sicker, so bad I can hardly hold my head up. It was just found I've been active with Ebstien Barr Virus, hormones were as low as they can get, and body full of inflamation. I was given meds for this, but I feel just as bad, and now dr. is saying it is probably pain med, that my body is withdrawing from it even though I'm taking the same dose. can this cause horrible weakness, EXTREME fatigue, stifff neck, inability to function basically. I don't know how to try and wean off and work, especially still with pain issues , in fact, i feel so bad I'm at the point of not being able to work, and though I think the pain med is part of the problem, I tuly feel the Dr. is missing something. Could that Virus been active for years and been messing up my entire body? THey cannot find infection, but i get chills every time I move and that has been getting worse. thank you everyone. very much. I am at work, but it is torture.