I have a brother who had a major accident occur and has been treated with methadone for over eleven years. He has recently gotten off the drug and it has been almost 7 months since he has taken any. However, he is faced with horrible muscle spasms throughout the day and night and cannot get any relief. The doctors are constantly giving him new muscle relaxers and percocet and he has tried other options as well for relief (acupuncture, pot, herbal supplements, etc... ). NOTHING has helped to relive the symptoms entirely. He has finally resorted to taking one or two very small doses of methadone a week just to give himself a break from the spasms- so he can endure them the rest of the week. The doctors (possibly encouraged by Workman's Comp) have suggested this is not related to the methadone use. My question is if there are any other people out there with this same problem? Has other long-term methadone users experienced muscle spasms lasting up to or beyond a year? Also, if so, how were you treated? Did it work?! I sincerely want the best for him and would love any advice. He feels very much alone in this particular situation due to the length of time these symptoms have persisted. Thanks!