i have had gastric bypass surgery about 10 yrs ago now and since then i have had trouble sleeping. i mean 1-2 hrs a night. right now i am on ambien and tramadol which will put me to sleep but not keep me sleeping and the tramadol makes me feel groggy the next day. i have rhuematoid arthritis and there is a limit to the activities i can do. i have tried everything. lunesta and lunestaa xl, benedryl, nyquil (not a good idea), remeron, elavi. i also am on valium for anxiety and take the last one close to bedtime. and i've done that whole no tv, dark cool room, turn the clock away from u thing. i have no idea what to do anymore but because i am now on disability for my RA and don't work, the days r extremely long and depressing when u r up almost constantly. the only caffeine i have is one coffee a day, everything else is decaf. tired all the time but not sleepy. it's just getting to b too much.