Been taking 5 mg for 30+ years. Always had issues with lack of sleeping and depression. 25 years ago started taking Deseryl/Trasodone for sleep and as an antidepressant. This combination worked wonderful as I slept like a rock and was not hampered by depression. However, 5 years ago I could no longer tolerate the side effects of the Trasodone, (severe stopped up nose congestion and completely dry scratchy eyes upon waking), so I stopped the med. During the last 5 years my Dr has tried me on at least 15 different meds, that ended up having worse side effect. I'm only getting 2-3 hrs of sleep and that's taking 2-30mg Temazapam, with on/off hourly the rest of the night. Then I lay around all day depressed and unmotivated, with no hope. Occasionally I get a spark, and do a few things, but then the depression returns. My regular MD believes I need to change the antipsychotic med (Fluphenizine) and all other issues that have developed during the last 5 years; insomnia, depression, anxiety, heart beating super fast with any exertion, like walking and feeling terrible about myself. Has ANYONE had similar experiences? Or a suggestion to help?