I am reposting this question differently to see if anyone out there has ever actually had or heard of actual pts experiencing lt issues s/p ss. Since my experience with it I have had ongoing depression panic anxiety mood instability. My ss happened in december 11. I was initially misdiagnosed then landed bwck in the hospital in severe ss. I do have several specialists board certified in clinical pharmacology and psychiatry helping me. They keep saying I wont be like this forever. I have gotten second third etc. Opinions also. I never had panic, anxiety or any mental health or drug issues. I suffered a major horse wreck, subsequent surgery and ongoing chronic pain. I have tried every narcotic therevis with exception to illegal ones. I cant take anything without it further adding to my emotional instability. Tramadol, otc meds estim accupuncture. No help. My pain however is much less distressing than my mental status. I really want to hear from people who actually have had ss. Btw my doc placed me on the ssri because I refused pain meds. He thought there might be a chance it could help since I had a botched cervical disc replacement. He underestimated how sensitive I am to meds. The only thing that has helped is the valium which I have to and want to taper off. I really want to be back to no meds as I was before. My doc added viibryd to which the highest tolerable dose for me is a whopping 10mg. Its not helping with anything I gave it three months and tapered to 5mg and will stop. The newest addition is subutex. The reason for this is, according to my doc, pain relief because I cannot tolerate other methods. He believes me not treating my pain appropriately is causing the panic attacks, mood swings, major depressive episodes. I take 1mg of subutex per day. Im on day three and fins it does help with the pain but I still dont feel right. The subutex even made me feel buzzed and nauseated. I am asking my doc tomorrow if there is a smaller dose of this. They gave it in liquid form to my kitten when she was spayed in liquid form so maybe it comes in 2 mg I could quarter. My goal is no drugs. My main concern is mental health I understand pain can interfere with healing and mental health but I think theres more to it. I havent been the same since the ss.