I’ve tried to find an answer to this but I can’t seem to find any information on the longer term effects.

I had previously been prescribed 100mg tramadol slow release for chronic pain 5+yrs ago, it didn’t agree with me and I didn’t sleep whilst I was on it, leading to amytriptiline, celecoxib and codeine being added on top. I stopped it soon after being prescribed.

On Wednesday of this week (16 Aug), due to mental health issues, I took 1000mg so 10x100mg over a two hour period 16.00-18.00 with half a bottle of champaign (it’s all we had!). I haven’t found any info of anyone taking that much on here.

I was admitted to hospital later that night at about 21.30. I was semi awake, no seizures at all, tachy cardic, clammy sweats, cold skin and slight depressed breathing, raspy breathing, VERY VERY ITCHY. No stomach pains, no vomiting. It was hard to pee and I only passed water once in hospital. I was in no pain whatsoever and my pain level is usually between 5-7 on a good day, no pain continued into Thursday.

I was given an ECG, blood pressure checks and pulse. Blood was taken but no other treatment was given. No drugs, no stomach pump, absolutely nothing else. I was kept in over night and discharged mid afternoon on Thursday, where I basically slept for 24hrs.

This is NHS Wales so my expectations are not high BUT no advice was given on how I might feel, I asked about long term damage and they said there wouldn’t be any, didn’t say I was lucky and were matter of fact. I was briefly seen by a counsellor but I have my own already. I was referred to mental health Wales and a letter was sent to my GP. My GP did not call me the next day as they suggested.

The following day (Friday) I carried on as usual, I saw my counsellor, went to the gym and my usual sleeping problems and chronic pain came back. Half thought I had imagined the whole thing.

I thought briefly perhaps I shouldn’t work out. I have a heart rate monitor and noticed my heart rate was elevated more than usual during this workout, I also had tight, sort of squeezing in my chest, not enough to seek medical attention though. I have a productive chesty cough but I could have picked up something in hospital as I have a compromised immune system and my ribs hurt in my back, between my shoulder blades. Again that could be a sign of infection. Dry mouth, dry nose with bleeding and very dry skin.

My question is what is this going to do to me long term? Are the doctors right in that it won’t affect me at all? I hadn’t taken this drug in 5+yrs so I wasn’t at all tolerant to it. Could have lost it’s potency? How long will it take to be completely out of my system?

This is not a ‘how did I fail’ question, I have access to various drugs and quite able to google which to take.

I’m a 38yr old female with MBL deficiency, ulcerative colitis, chronic pain linked to the UC, asthma. History of chronic depression, PTSD and anxiety. No treatment for the latter besides counselling.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.