I have had a headache for 3 consecutive weeks. Yes, THREE WEEKS STRAIGHT. I typically get these dull achy irritating headaches on the right side of my head only. They start in the temples then slowly progress into my forehead, nose, under my eye, ear, the entire right side of my head, neck and even parts of my arm. I recently saw a neurologist who diagnosed me with migraines. He gave me a script for Rizatriptan and of course, no relief. I have taken every medication I can get my hands on and nothing. I have found no relief. Could this be a tension headache? I was under a lot of stress prior to getting the headaches and always seem to be stressed when they come on. The only difference is I can t get this particular one under control. I m so frustrated with this and I m about to go insane. If anyone can help me until I see a different doctor I would greatly appreciate it.