I have been taking Chantix since the first week of Dec. 2013. It is now 3/28/14. I have asked my 2 of my drs. (I have several health issues and am on a lot of other meds. ) how long I should take it for? I put up with the nausea, bad dreams and anxiety strictly because I want to quit so badly. It took me a few wks. to stop smoking completely once starting Chantix, but within a month, I started to feel the urge subside. In particularly stressful situations, I may have cheated with one here and there but they started to make me sick when I smoked them. Now at the end of the 4th month, I haven't been smoking at all, but my PCP says I should stay on Chantix for 6 mos. While my psychiatrist wants to take me off because of my anxiety issues and other side effects. I want to get off of Chantix, but I don't want to stop too early and relapse. Also, I am concerned about withdrawals from Chantix . Anyone have any experience with that? Thank you in advance for any input you may have.