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How long does it takes for your periods to stop after using depo vera?

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YellowEyedDemon 14 Oct 2014

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell exactly how each individual woman's body will react to depo provera. It has zero cycle control and this was confirmed by my doctor. The only way to control when you bleed, or whether or not you will bleed, is by using the birth control pill. It is very effective at surpressing menstruation, safely. I have been doing it for 10 months, which has also been authorized by my doctor and other health care professionals, just incase the idea of skipping your period freaks you out. Its totally safe aslong as you don't have any health reason why you shouldn't use the pill. I was on depo provera for two years and bled constantly and erratically. It got worse and worse and I finally took the leap and changed to the pill which was perfect for me, I never bleed now.

kaismama 14 Oct 2014

Actually there is no proof that you ever need to have a period when on the pill. free discount card

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