hi, i am new here and just wanted to share my story albeit a long one. It started when my doctor offered me Lexapro for what he thought was depression. A half hour after i took it I was in the E.R. with crazy symptoms ranging from diarrhea to chills and shivers and crazy thoughts, throwing up. In the E.R. they gave me Xanax and said I was having an adverse reaction and sent me on my way. The symptoms continued for a month and I continued to take Xanax to help me sleep periodically in between. Then I kept getting crazier symptoms and kept going to the E.R. where they just gave me more Xanax. I saw an Neurologist thinking that this all caused brain damage. Then I found post on SSRI withdrawl and Xanax withdrawl and realized I needed to come off the xanax. By this time I was already getting inter dose withdrawl from them and had to wean myself off. It had only been a couple weeks of taking them intermittently. Anyways long story short is that it has been over a year and I am still suffering. For a while it was mostly anxiety and OCD type thinking but lately I feel like I am back at square one. Not sleeping, feeling out of it, nausea, and the crazy symptoms that happened when this all first started. I only took ONE LEXAPRO and I am wondering if that and the combo of XANAX did permanent damage. I am raising two small children practically on my own (husband works in Canada) and I just don't know what to do anymore.
Any information or help would be great!!