I found I was too inconsistent with taking cymbalta in the morning when I woke up so I changed it to 7 p.m., taking it an hour later or half hour later every day for about 2 weeks until I made the full time change. I'm feeling now like I forgot to take a pill, brain zaps and a lot of trouble getting words out and thinking clearly. Everything is in a fog. I didn't expect to feel like this just from changing the time of day slowly. When will I even out?
A second question, while I'm here, I'm on 60 milligrams now and I want to go down to 30. What experience do people have with those doses? I didn't find 90 to 60 bad but I'm wondering if I'll get many withdrawal effects from 60 to 30. I want to eventually come off tje med because I'm only noticing negative side effects and I've been on on it 15 yrs.