I was on Advair Diskus for years. My Dr gave me a 30 day sample of Breo and a prescription for it and told me to try it. I used the sample (1 month) and 26 days of the new prescription and then realized that the problems I was having could be a reaction from Breo. After 2 weeks on the drug I started noticing muscle tightening in the hip and thigh area. Symptoms got progressively worse. One week later I went to my family Dr and she suggested physical therapy. After 3 weeks of therapy I decided it wasn't working so stopped it. By now the symptoms were also in my shoulders. About a week later I remembered the new prescription and checked out the side effects. The effects that pertained to me are: Body aches or pains, Muscle aches, joint or muscle pain, muscle stiffness and dry mouth. I stopped taking the Breo at that point. It has been one week now and I don't notice my symptoms going away. I plan to go back to my original prescription (Advair). Does anyone know how long it takes for the side effects from Breo to go away?