Hi All,

My doctor put me on Cymbalta 60mg, I was very hesitant as all other AD meds I have taken have made me ill, and severely enough I could not continue.

I took one dose 60mg about 24 hours ago and its been a hellish day. Spewing constantly, pupils dialated out of control, shivers, fevers, restless but exhuasted, weird speech patterns... the works.

I went to the doctor and he brushed me off, gave me an anti-vomiting shot and told me to keep trying. I am not taking his advice, as spewing was only one component of a hellish day I don't want to repeat.

I didn't ask how long this would last, I have only taken 1 x 60mg 24 hours ago but I'm still very nauseasious, massive pupils and anxiety... any advice as to how long this will go on for?