I got the 11.25 dose shot of Lupron Depot(the 3 month shot) approximately five weeks ago and I haven't seen significant differences in my abdomen. I didn't expect to, just wouldn't be upset to wake up with the flat stomach I have under this huge one. I have noticed the smallest change in my abdomen at this point. because of my small size but large fibroids that press outwardly, my naval pokes out. it not only pokes it seems quite hard and has resistance when I feel or press against it. After the shot, I have noticed that my naval doesn't seem hard, no longer has any resistance and really doesn't poke out at all. I hope this is a sign of that the drug is working. I wondered what others experienced as far as what size their fibroids are/were and how much shrinkage they got, in what amount of time? Or at least as much of this info as you can provide. Thanks for answers everybody.