I have started 25mg sertraline and they want to up my dose to 50mg next week, I have been on it for 2 days and already feel worse than I ever have before. I feel so much more anxious, very sad, sweaty, I can't sleep, my body and muscles feel really tight, I've lost concentration and motivation, my heart won't stop beating really fast, my whole body keeps shaking and I feel sick all the time. I've also lost my libido already, and I'm worried that my weight will also be affected. HOW LONG WILL THESE EFFECTS LAST IF - 1) I up my dose to 50mg and continue taking them for 4 weeks [Which I do not want to do]
2) if I continue at 25mg for 4 weeks
3) if I just stop taking them!!!

Will my short-term memory loss, paranoia and decreased libido ever return to normal??? Will I always suffer from erectile dysfunction now? Please share your experiences with me