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How long does it take to get results from taking lamictal?

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Inactive 26 Oct 2012

Hello hermother. You might begin to see results within a week or so. However, it will be close to four weeks time for the Lamictal to work at its full theraputic potential. Regards pledge

Shanesgirl79 26 Oct 2012

What are you taking Lamictal for?

Inactive 26 Oct 2012

Are you asking me or hermother?

bumblebee90 27 Oct 2012

hermother, Hello. I wondered the same thing when I started Lamictal. I agree with Pledge on this. My doctor started me at the lowest dose at first, and told me he was going to slowly titrate my dosage up. I'll admit that on the lowest dose, I really didn't feel like it was helping very much. But as he continued to up my dosage, I cannot express how much it helped me. And boy did I need it. Mood swings up and down, and everywhere. Be patient and give it time. It's worth it in the end. Take care, and best wishes. Ruthie

Inactive 29 Oct 2012

I agree with Pledge... I have been taking Lamictal for about 9 months now. I am taking lamictal to manage my seizures. I agree with three to four weeks but the trick is finding the right dosage and that dosage varies by individual. Do give up. Lamictal has been a wonder drug for me but it has taken me 9 months to get the dosage to the right level for me.
Be patient.
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