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How long would a prescription of pot Chloe er tabs be good for if the expiration date is 02/24/13?

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HeadStarter 17 Aug 2013

Hello dkc and welcome to DC. I would be asking your doctor or pharmacist this question. This is a specific medicine to treat a potentially serious condition. I would NOT take medication that has expired (or that old) because I value my life and what goes into my body.

Can you provide more information about your condition or why you might be needing medication that is left over and that old??? There is an expiration date noted for a reason by the companies that manufacture them. They also lose their efficacy, potency and so on and can deteriorate to the point of being useless, worthless or plain dangerous to ingest, inject, consume or apply.

My rule of thumb is if I come across a medication (my own of course) that is old... I discard it. Because if it is old then I missed taking it somewhere along the line and probably have the current meds on hand any way. If I no longer take that med... I get rid of it.

I hope that gives you some insight but I would NOT consume that med without a doctor's approval and clear understanding that the med in question is well beyond its expiration date... and in what type of environment it was stored.

Be safe, be well and take good care of the one and only body you have. free discount card

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