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How long should pills prescribed in 2004 be kept?

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lucyb78 31 Aug 2013

Most prescription pills expire after 1 year.

Inactive 31 Aug 2013

Most prescriptions have an expiration date on them. Its usually a year after dispensing. I wouldn't count on something that old being of any use for something important. I have, however, had left over pain meds from oral surgery that worked on shoulder pain 4 yrs later. But birth control, antibiotics, anything that its very important to get full benefit from, things of that sort should be trashed.

lady2882 31 Aug 2013

My pharmacist says that prescription pills are good for 2 years after you get them from the pharmacy.
Prescription pills from 2004 should not be used as they will no longer be any good. At best they will not work but they can be dangerous as some ingredients can have changed and become toxic so do not use these pills.

lady2882 31 Aug 2013

Dispose of the pills, take them to a pharmacy to be safely destroyed. free discount card

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