Hello. I have been on Phentermine since November 22, 2014. So right at a year now.
Loved it..for the first 6mnths. With the exceptions of lack of sleep the first week after if figured out that i should take it the earlier the better. Dry mouth (I always have water in hand) and constipation (do not take stool softeners, your body can get dependent on it) I usually eat fruits and things with fiber.
I started out around 186lb, last month (October) 156lb and was last weighted in November 16th at 163lb. My goal is 145ish. If just feel like giving up. I've been struggling to keep it in the 150 range. And that's if I just about stop eating all together. And I know thats not healthy at all.
I was told (by friends) to stop taking them for a month or two then start up again. But they say I will gain it back. So I weaned myself off of then this past week and haven't taken any in a few days. But I have been really sleepy.
So my question is, How long should one be taking this medication? And what do I do if it seems to have stopped working. I'm scared to death to gain it back. What's my next step??? Please help..