I have had chronic back pain since 1994 when I was attacked by a woman worker at a McDonalds when I was a customer getting lunch with my kids ,she herniated my disc in my neck at C3/4 and two weeks later got sideswiped and rolled my car and thrown from it and broke my tailbone.
Then almost four years later reinjuryed my neck and ended up finally having surgery to have my disc fused at C3/4 then 6 months later herniated the next disc down and had to have surgery to have C5/6 fused !

Then about two years woke up and rolled up out of bed and my lower back hurt it ended up I had a bulging disc at L5 S 1 and had to have surgery on it but it didn’t go so well two weeks after that surgery the burning pain that I had ,had just going into my butt cheek now was going down all the way into my right foot and they sent me to specialist that just put me on mophine for 7 years until I finally heard about the Nuro stimulator and that was in March 2010 I had it for about two and 1/2 years and then it just started malfunctioning and by that time I had no insurance and it took me 6 months to get it and when I finally did my insurance referred me to this doctor that paralyzed during surgery in Oct. 2013 it was the Second surgery he did on me within a month . The first time he replaced the unit everything went well until my checkup appt. 8days later his PA was the only in the office and I had called to tell I couldn’t make it for appt because my ride did not show and he insisted that I come to the appt. even if I had to drive myself , making me feel as if I was in danger if I didn’t get my unit checked for my first appt telling me it was ok for me to drive my Manual stick shift car even after I told him that my clutch was very stiff he told me to drive anyways . So I did and as soon as I stuck in my clutch I felt the unit pop and heard it and by the time I got there office the my chest but swollen my ribs were swollen and I can barely Breathe. When I got to their office the PA just kept telling me it was just everything going back into place because they had to go under the Muscle,l knew that it was it that because it didn’t hurt before I drove told him that but he ignored me and it took them 28 days to finally do an X-ray after I kept telling them something was wrong and Insisted they do something or I wasn’t leaving their office after repeated visits they found out the unit slide half way around my spine so they had to do surgery again.
A week later I went to the hospital at 4am in the morning and at 9am a nurse came and informed me that I wasn’t getting my surgery that my doctor had had an car accident! So when I left the hospital I called the PA only to find out that the doctor was actually in Insanada and he had smashed his finger over the weekend on his yacth pulling up his anchor and didn’t call anyone to tell them so I would be contacted to cancel ... Come to find out he had broken his middle finger on his Dominant Hand and then two weeks later did surgery on me again on my spinal cord replacing the neurostimulator that he was supposed to be only be reanchoring to my spine he went in and replaced it with a larger neurostimulator and had a hard time shoving it in my spinalcord and he ended herniating seven more discs and paralyzing me from the chest down I woke up not being able to feel anything from my chest down and only being able to move my left big toe. Now I am againon all kinds of meds when with the very first stimulator I was completely med free for 2 1/2 years not now , now I’m on a lot more meds , can’t walk, still feel my Sciatica but it’s actually a lot more painful and now I can’t use the stimulator at all it ,doesn’t work for me it makes kick my leg way up high so I can’t use it at all! ...