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How long it would take to normalize by BP once taking 10 mg Amlodopine and 12.5 mg HCTZ per day?

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kaismama 18 Dec 2014

Assuming that this is enough medication for you, it should start coming down in a few days, it will take a little longer until its down to normal.

MJ123456789 14 Jan 2015

These are exactly the meds I am on and having side effects extreme tiredness, insomnia, foggy, does this go away? Thinking I might be allergic to ingredients, taking half for few days to see

Inactive 19 Dec 2014

Unlike pain or allergy pills (for example,) hbp drugs usually take time to become fully effective. And it's not just the medication but also the lifestyle that'll dictate how soon full effect will be realized. If you smoke, drink, not exercise, eat lots of food with sodium, etc., then it'll take longer for the drugs to help you get better. It took me around three-four weeks before I started feeling better more consistently.

Good luck, be patient and don't be surprised if you feel bad for a little bit before you feel better. These types of treatment take time. free discount card

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