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How long does methadone stay in your system after taking for 2 months 50mg daily?

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jk13 15 Mar 2012

Its almost impossible to answer due to it's unpredictable length of action, often having a half life of anywhere from 12 to 72 hours, and of course even this information varies extremely depending on the source referenced. Methadone also builds up (with no harm caused) in the liver. As a result, the liver slowly releases a bit of its collected methadone. This as a result makes the drug more potent the longer that you take it. The amount that the liver absorbs of course is yet another variable, making a dose to dose switch from methadone to anything else pretty much impossible to do with any sort of real accuracy. All that can be done is to go about it in the safest manner as is possible. The weight and metabolism of course also effects the rate of elimination.

So basically, due to the multiple variables there is truly no real way to tell how long the stuff will stick around your system. Simply due to the liver, I would imagine that you could very well have detectable amounts in your system for weeks, but that is of course a guess, and I'm not a doctor, just a user of methadone for chronic pain.

I sincerely hope that my non-helpful answer was of some sort of help to you. If you really want to eliminate the methadone out of your system as fast as is possible, I would do a bit of research on dandelion root tea, cranberry juice, and numerous other herbs (that I can either can't spell or can't think of) all of which are very good for cleansing the body. Most grocery stores and pharmacies cary some sort of pill that can be taken that will clean out the liver due to a simple cocktail of herbs known to help. For methadone however you will want to focus on anything that is specifically designed for cleaning out the liver vs. kidneys (unless you want healthier kidneys) due to it being methadone's very very slow extended release storage spot.

Best of luck to you!
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