I found out my D levels were low earlier this year and tried taking a supplement but was intolerant due to severe muscle aches. (I'm also nightshade intolerant and they give me the same symptoms). I am not intolerant of the sun at all. I had been taking calcium with 400 IU of D3 and did okay on that for years without symptoms but had stopped taking it for a few months due to fear of having a reaction to the D3. Now I have body aches and pains, especially when sitting or lying down. I have pain in my ribs, back, arms, and legs that comes and goes. I'm going back on the calcium with D but also am trying a topical D3 cream that provides 1000 units per application so I will do this once daily. I have to start slow to try to avoid reaction. Approximately how long will it take for my D levels to increase and my aches and pains to go away with this regimen?