I am a 41 year old male who had a full hip replacement surgery for a necrotic femoral head. The actual surgery went really well and it's healing beautifully. Several hours after surgery I had horrible nausea and vomiting to the point that I was unable to sleep through the night. The next day I developed a headache that wouldn't go away but would improve only by staying in bed. The following day I sat up to eat breakfast and it felt like my head was going to explode and got intense nausea, my surgeon's pa went to check on me and I told him what was going on so he had an anesthesiologist come by and talk to me. He explained about the dural puncture and suggested a blood patch. The surgeon said I shouldn't get one at that point because he had put me on blood thinners in order to avoid clotting in my hip. So he took me off blood thinners and told me to take 325 mg aspirin twice a day instead and to wait a few days before doing the patch. He also prescribed fioricet in order to give me relief from the headaches, he also recommended high doses of caffeine. By day 4 I felt better enough to go home, I could at least sit long enough to be wheeled out of the hospital into the car. The surgeon called me over the weekend and said that if I wasn't better to go to ER and do the blood patch. It is now day 7 and the intensity of the headaches has gone down and it is only bad when I first wake up. They have not gone away completely yet.
I have been thinking of doing the patch but Im not crazy about going to ER while the wound is still healing, Im concerned about infection from being in ER. Im wondering if the puncture will take longer to heal because of the aspirin and if I should just wait it out before going for the patch. Im concerned that if too much time goes by the patch might not be effective. I am able to stand and sit up for longer periods, maybe a little better each day and have been decreasing the fioricet. Any input would be appreciated.