My dad was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver May of 2015. he went in because an artery ruptured and needed 8 blood transfusions! During surgery he did flat line! He was released a week later! they said he is going to need a liver transplant but will not consider him because he was an alcoholic. Since he has been out the hospital he has not had one drink. He gets tired easily but some days he has a lot of energy. He has no insurance and the doctors have said he needs more operations to band the other arteries since they are really thin from the drinking before! they also said he does has a time frame of how long he is going to live but needs tests to find out the time length! We don't qualify for help with Medicaid or any insurance, and don't have that kind of money to get the operations! we have gotten some blood work done! What I want to know if you know about how long he may have to live, and any other information or stories you have had with cirrhosis! we are still researching but need as much info as possible! As for the stage he is stages, we know for sure he is a stage 2, but his liver is still working just not sure when it will quit on him, and not sure if he is considered a stage 3! Doctors couldn't clear that up for us!