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How long does lithium take to relieve bipolar depression?

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iwas4onezies 6 Feb 2018

So, Lithium is used to treat the manic stage of Bipolar disorder. Lithium is more used to reduce the frequency and severity of manic states. It helps one have more control over his/her emotions. It's not intended soley for depression, although it may reduce the frequency and severity in depression as well. But to answer your question, the medication's onset of therapeutic action will be between 1-3 weeks. Hope this helps.

WildcatVet 6 Feb 2018

Hi, Simon! I started taking lithium over five years ago so it's kind of hard to remember but as I recall the onset was quite fast... maybe about two weeks to start feeling better and a month to feel REALLY good.
Best regards and good luck. It's worked very well for me.

WildcatVet 6 Feb 2018

PS, I'm Bipolar ll with mixed episodes. My lithium has worked for both manic and depressive states, as well as controlling the mixed episodes.

Simon Downer 6 Feb 2018

I have barely come to realise that my illness symptoms are from bipolar depression. I haven't been told as such. I have just written to my psychiatrist asking for Lithium, as online researching has proved to be so useful.
PS: I found a study that concluded that aspirin is effective in alleviating sexual dysfunction in men who are bipolar stable using Lithium free discount card

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