I'm 15 and recently was prescribed Lexapro for anxiety. My anxiety was making me only want to stay home, I felt anxious and shaky, and always felt cold. I couldn't eat, because every time I put food in my mouth my throat felt like it was closing. The only way I could eat was if I chewed slowly and paced myself. Since I wasn't eating much it gave me IBS and constipation for a few days after. I felt miserable and depressed and all I wanted to do was sleep so I didn't feel it, but I still looked/felt exhausted. I first had this bad anxiety about a year ago. I had it for three months, and it went away. About 3 weeks ago it came back and took a toll on me. It seems to come around when there is a romantic relationship coming into my life. My mom thinks it's because I've lost so many family members in the past 7 years, me losing my father to cancer first. (Trust me I have been to way more funerals than a 15 year old girl should have to go to). And I have always been to myself on my feelings about my losses. So, my doctor prescribed me to 5mg of Lexapro an hour before bedtime each night. I took it for the first time last night, and I feel no effect so far. It made me tired last night but I still woke up with that anxious feeling and a stomach ache. I start school again in 4 days, and I wanted it to be gone by the time it started. How long before Lexapro starts making taking effect?