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How long does Lamictal usually/on average take to start working?

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Poppe13 21 Nov 2013

I am on lamictal for bipolar and I have been taking it for about 8 weeks now. Pdoc gradually increased it over time. Currently at 150mg. I think he will take me up to 300. I believe I started feeling it at about 75 mg after about 3 weeks. He kicked me up to 100 mg at about 5 wks in and I really felt great for about a week then it seemed to wear off. I had him kick me up to 150 mg about 3 wks ago and am back to feeling darn good. I can only give you rough estimates on the time frames (you'll notice that it doesn't quite add up). Good luck-I hope it works out for you as it has for me. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Poppe13 21 Nov 2013

I didn't mention that when I took my first pill(s) at level 75 mg I felt an immediate boost 4-5 hours after taking it. It was a jittery-bounce my leg, wanna stay up feeling. That wore off after a couple days and smoothed out. This happened with each 0.25-0.5 increase. 1 week after I started at 100 mg I dropped back into a depression. I had my pdoc increase it to 150. I've been there for about 1.5 weeks now and I am back on top-amazing stuff for some of is fortunate ones. Feeling this way makes me think I was depressed since birth and this is the first light I've seen.

GuinnessGirl54 21 Nov 2013

I have had the same result. I have more energy, I am working out more and I feel elated. I haven't felt this stable ever.

Poppe13 21 Nov 2013

Guiness, I just read something that has me concerned and maybe you warned me about it somewhere else. I am taking 1500 mg valproic acid along with 150 mg lamictal. I read that the maximum dosage for lamictal with Divalproex is 100mg. I think my pdoc knows what he is doing but perhaps my good mood is too good???

GuinnessGirl54 21 Nov 2013

Two to four weeks. You should be tapered onto it to avoid major side effects.

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Kitty 21 Nov 2013

I'm taking Lamictal for anxiety and depression, just really helps with your mood. Started out slow and it made me sleepy. Stopped at 200 but still
didn't feel great. Psych wanted to put me up to 300 but I tried 250 and it
is working great. Like everything else it takes time. You just have to find the correct does for you.

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