Hello, I'm a 31yr female and have been taking 4mg of klonpin since 2012. As of 6 days ago I ran out, and my provider will not prescribe me anymore. I'm scared!! My ears won't stop ringing, my whole body feels numb, I can't feel temperatures, my eyes feeling like their constantly orbing, I can't concentrate, the only sleep I get is when my body gives up and I pass out, I can feel my heartbeat all over my body, I tingle everywhere, my throat feels numb, feels like someone is sitting on my chest, my senses are hightend everything tastes weird... food/drink is either to flavored, or bland... I can't tell if I'm hungry or full, and so much more!! I hate this. I can't find anyone who will help me taper off. My doctor did prescribe me Naltrexon, which is supposed to help with the cravings, but it has done nothing thus far (I did just started it last night). I need some insight, I don't know what to do. Will I ever feel normal again?? Again like I said I'm extremely scared and have told my doctor about how I'm feeling and expressed how scared I am. Has anyone else went through this? HELP ME!!