For the past month and a half (mid-February until present) I have had some kind of infection that includes a cough and lots of chunky green phlegm.

I waited until the second week of March to actually seek out my doctor's opinion as I felt that whatever it was, would go away on its own. In any case, I was forced to see a doctor who is not my family doctor (my doctor was on vacation) and he told me that I had a throat and sinus infection and prescribed me amoxicillin. This did not work.

Immediately following the amoxicillin, my family doctor had returned from vacation and he told me that my lungs sounded normal, x-rays I had taken of my chest during a physical back in November showed my lungs were good, and therefore he believed I have a bacterial infection.

He prescribed me Sdz-Azithromycin, 250 mg, told me to take 2 on the first day and 1 on the remaining four days after that. After taking three pills in total, I am still coughing up chunky green phlegm in the morning, although my cough has almost disappeared.

I only have three remaining antibiotic pills left, so my question is, how long is this going to take to leave my system? I am not physically ill and I can operate as if I was not sick, but I am just concerned that the longer the phlegm lingers, the more damage that is being done to my health.