Hi Everyone, im going to be as much as honest as i can be . it was 3 years ago , I was not an user of tramadol. i just took 1 pills or 2 as far as i can remember , i mean in my whole lifetime. the last time i took it it was a night ! i got it from a person ! it was a 200mg one. i took it and the effects begin to emerge in my body and my psyche. i was having fun actually, feeling much relieved and no pain. the whole thing began from here actually, it was late night and i was trying to sleep after actually 2 hours when i took the pill. when i wanted to sleep i couldnt , my body was hot as hell !
i was trying to sleep but i couldnt , suddenly i felt terrified ! something happend to me and i have no idea what it was ! i couldnt concentrate on simple things at the moment, world was falling apart and my heart was beating so fast, i mean like my heart was coming out from my chest, that was really tough.i was so scared that i run away from the room and went out to take some breath because i felt like i was going to die ! i went to doctor and he said it's the effects of using Tramadol which goes off soon and he gave me a pill to tranquilize my heart beat, i went home and took those pill and my heart beat went back to normal , but my psyche, NO . i was feeling nothing ! like i was a different person and i am a stranger to myself, i had no feelings , no love no pain no sorrow nothing ! days passed by and i waited to gain my feelings back but i felt nothing ... even now. i was a sentimental guy , that night even i cried so hard but after taking that Tramadol and that experience i cant cry now , i mean i cant be sad nor happy, i cant feel love ... feel anything ... i didnt know what to do so i kept it to myself. i was a sentimental person. i could feel things like a normal person but i i have no feelings now! there was a person i loved a lot and really adored, even a thought of that person would've made me cry! but damn me ... i think i damaged my feelings and i even cant grieve about that ... i cant shed a simple tear . i have no hope and i know i die this way, until my last day i think will be like this , no feelings , no living , no love and nothing,

if you ever read this please know this , if you'd know what i will if i gain my feeling back you wouldn't be leaving this question without responding it, so please , I spent 3 years and spending days EVEN NOW like nightmares. Please guide me . at least tell me that i cant get recovered so i do something about my life and get it over with. Thank you