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How long can the fentanyl patch be worn for ?

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kaismama 17 Dec 2012

The max time its effective is 72 hrs.

cupcake7667 18 Dec 2012

I switch every 48 hrs. My pain doc agrees they're ineffective after 48 hrs but everyone reacts differently. Max is 72 hrs but my doc changed my script to switch every 48. By day 3, I had no relief. But if you're new to them, 72 may work.

trieditall 16 Jan 2013

I have a hard time keeping mine on . They are suppose to last 72 hours but mine fall off after 2 days after a shower or hot tub. So if you feel extra pain check you patch. That has worked wellfor me and write it on your calender. Hope that helps.

bmonska 18 Jan 2013

trieditall, head over to this link:
It has A LOT of information about fentanyl patches, how to keep them on successfully and loads of other fentanyl patch information. It's where I learned the most on this site about my medication. Helpful tips and helpful group of people.

Mctwitch 2 Aug 2013

For one you aren't supposed to use your patch in a hot tub or with a heating pad. The heat releases more drug than it is supposed to. If I am going to be swimming or working out I get out the old duct tape and seal the edges all around. You can't take it off till you are ready to change the patch because it takes it off with the tape. But up camping I don't really care and no one sees it on my lower hip anyway. Just a warning about that hot tub and hint to keep it on.

mhelcl 21 Mar 2013

min 48 and max 72 hours free discount card

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