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How long to feel the full effect of Lexapro? I'm almost at week 3 and still having anxiety?

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Inactive 7 Jan 2013

Hello anggrrl. I suggest you talk to your perscribing physician. Depending on the dose you are on, all be it a beginners at almost three weeks time you should be feeling your anxiety levels dropping. Regards pledge

tejas129 9 Jan 2013

I must agree with Pledge. If you are not already feeling the effects,speak with your prescribing physician. I was on Lexapro for almost 5 years,at 10 mg daily.I found that it started working within 2-3 days for me, but we are all very different when it comes to antidepressants,so what helps one person may not work for another. However, it did not have any effect on my anxiety.I needed other meds for that. It did help with Bipolar issues in a fantastic way.Certainly, after 3 weeks if you are on a 10 mg or more per day,you should be at the very least feeling some effect.Why not give your Dr a call,and talk with them about it.You don't mention dosage,so I assume your at the normal starting dosage of 10mg a day. Your Dr may suggest an increase,or perhaps suggest another med to accompany the Lexapro.Possibly a different med all together.Hope this helps,tejas129

tessev 1 Oct 2013

I was prescribed Lexapro in Jan. 2013. I started on 10mg for 3 weeks then went back to doctor and was raised to 20mg. Everyone is different as to how long it will take to notice effect. It worked great for the depression but had to start taking 30mg Buspar for anxiety. The NP I was seeing told me Lexapro wouldn't help with anxiety attacks. They both worked great together. Good Luck. I am now wiened of both medications and having dizziness from Lexapro withdrawals and I gained 20 lbs. while on the meds. Talk to your physician. free discount card

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