ive only been on embeda about a month, I have a long history but short version is I'm 34, had lower spinal fusion or I would've bn paralyzed. My spine is jacked from neck to low bsck, degenerative disease in hip, can no longer work. Years of painpills, never will be off of them. I'm currently on 2x a day embeda 20/.08 and 3x a day IR Opana10mg as I need. Literally everything hurts, laying, sitting, standing, walking, etc, and also the same help pain, so you can see, I'm just jacked up, I'm just trying to figure out the best time to take the embeda for maximum relief, I know when I need the opana because it's instant release, just need to know maximum time between embeda or should I take both at once? Doctors don't know what my pain is like and are no help... So I'm hoping someone here might... Thanks.