I took Effexor for about a year and then I suddenly quit after reading about the horrible withdrawals people go through after being on the drug for 10+ years. I didn't want to take any pills for that long, so I quit without knowing that withdrawals can potentially last years.
That was two years ago. I initially had dizziness and brain zaps, those lasted for about a month at the most, it was bearable. The only withdrawals that I have now are shaking hands when muscles are flexed in certain ways. When my hands are completely relaxed, there is no shaking.
If my hand is held out and I slowly rotate my wrist, rather than one smooth movement, it seems like many small jerky ones. Same thing with bending individual fingers, if I move one finger towards my palm, it'll keep shaking, but if I move them all together, it feels like I can relax them and there is no shaking. Basically, any use of the muscles has some shakiness, some movements more shaky than others.
I feel like it has gotten better since they started, but I've never really kept track.
Could this wear off eventually, or can Effexor really cause permanent withdrawals?