... times a day! My unsupportive controlling family wants me to go cold turkey! Today is day one I feel ok except upset stomach and slight headache! My husband does not care or has even asked how I am feeling since the New Year I wanted to get out of this nightmare I tried to explain to him I wanted to taper off or go to a professional he then flushed the whole bottle away then told me to shut the F up and that you don't die from going cold turkey! Might I just add he is the one who thought this was a great idea about Percocet to begin with the Dr told me that it was safer then anything over the counter then he turned around backstabbed me and called my relatives to tell them he is worried about me! What good is that going to do if there is no plan to try to help! I'm lost and very scared! Every time I had a migraine he told me to take it that it was safe! I don't want to die I love my children but hate my husband now!!