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How long dows it take for cymbalta to take affect?

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kaw06 27 Mar 2014

It can take 6 to 8 Weeks, but normally you start to feel Atleast a little better within a couple Weeks. I speak from personal experience, everyone reacts differently.

Trinabell 1 Jul 2014

Hello love. Cymbalta takes about 2 weeks for you to begin to feel it start working & gradually works a little bit more with each dose. It'll reach its full effectiveness' in 1-2months. Everyone feels it differently.

mommywoman 2 Jul 2014

Actually it only takes about a week that's why psychiatrists like this one for people that are very depressed cause its fast acting compared to other antidepressants which can take up to 6 weeks.

mommywoman 3 Jul 2014

My psychiatrist tried this as a last resort that's where I got my info from and that's when he finally put me on it (about 2 yrs ago). Truthfully. I really don't remember how long it took. As a general rule anytime one of my drs puts me on a new drug I give it a month. I figure I pd for a months worth so I might as well take it all, unless I have an obvious reaction to it. free discount card

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