It’s been 12 weeks since I’ve taken methylprednisolone. I was stupidly prescribed a dose pack for freaking bed bugs. A few hours after taking my first days dose, my first ever panic attack hit me. I’ve never had anxiety, so I had no idea what was going on. Got rushed to the ER, where the doctor warned the pill could have that effect on people. I tried my dose for the next day, an hour later, panic attack. I was immediately taken off of it. For the next two weeks I experienced constant anxiety, panic attacks, racing heart, clammy hands/feet. Here we are 12 weeks later, and I am definitely a lot better than the first two, but still have lingering anxiety. I just feel restless and anxious throughout most days. Wanted to know what I should expect from anyone that’s experienced this. Definitely looking into seeing a therapist that specializes in medicine induced anxiety.