I am 72 years, my weight is 105 lbs and height is 5 Ft 7 Inches. I was first detected for prostate cancer in 2002. I underwent castration operation and my PSA count came down very much within limits. It was for ten years that the prostate cancer vanished from my body. But again in January 2013 I was detected positive for prostate cancer. The Doctor advised me to take "Zatiga". When I started Zatiga my PSA count was 52.53. After finishing the first bottle my PSA count was 89.08. After finishing the second bottle my PSA count came down to 68.74. After completing the third bottle my PSA count was found to have gone up to 99.95. Now I am taking the fourth bottle of zatiga. My question is "why PSA count should go up when it was showing a downward trend and how long I have to continue to taka Zatiga."