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How long do clonazepams stay in your system? I'm concerned about a drug test for probation?

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balbanese 16 Jul 2012

Depends on many factors; your age, general health, other things in your system, and the quality/sensitivity of the test, etc. Anywhere from 3-5days, or more. Hope this helps.

Inactive 16 Jul 2012

Hello ms. sunshine 26. Clonazepam has a long half life and thus can be in your system as long as up to 3 weeks time, possibly longer. Best of wishes to you, pledge

Inactive 16 Jul 2012

I agree with this answer, & also if you have a legal prescription, it shouldn't be a problem...

RachelinAZ 16 Jul 2012

I had no idea they had such a long 1/2 life. I take one at night and can take one in the day. However, it is another thing insurance doesn't pay for, so I take only at night.

I didn't think they generally checked for Clonazepam in drug testing.

Inactive 16 Jul 2012

In regards to probation, most all the drug families are looked for. Even a perscription anti depressant will show up. Benzodiazepines are one of the drugs tested for because of the recreational use of the drug. CNS drugs are popular for being tested.

Inactive 16 Jul 2012

Oh and hello Mary. Did not mean to snub you. Appreciate your comments and wisdom. Sound as always, have a great week. Bye bye now, pledge free discount card

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