How long did it take your (chlorpromazine) Thorazine take to work?
I'm on day 3 of a 3-4 p/d 25mg dosage of chlorpromazine for intractable hiccups which I've had since April 2016. I've been to a neurologist, a gastroenterologist(who prescribed Baclofan 10mg... it didn't work after 2 weeks of a 3 pill p/d regimen) and they couldn't find anything physically wrong. At first the chlorpromazine was promising and stopped the hiccups after the 2nd dosage although the triggers that indicated the start of a hiccup bout (full stomach, laughing, being tired) made it "feel like" the hiccups would return but they didn't. Unfortunately after this mornings' dosage, THEY DID RETURN. I do however plan on staying with the treatment because it is the 1st ray of hope in almost a year long battle. Has anyone else had similar results? If so was it a stop and start sort of thing for you? Did they finally stop? If so, how long did it take and did they stop permanently? ANY information of what you experienced would help but I'm more interested in those whose results were not immediate.