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How long does carisiprodal stay in your system?

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masso 23 Mar 2014

Soma (carisoprodol) has a half-life elimination of 2.4 hours. The active metabolite meprobamate has a half-life elimination of 10 hours -- in healthy individuals. Usually, compounds and their metabolites are detectable in urine for 5 (five) half-lives. So, carisoprodol is detectable in urine for 50+ hours after ingestion.

411 24 Mar 2014

Speaking on carisoprodol : so to understand this, say for an example (which obviously no sane person would do) you took 8 at one time on a Monday would it be 50 hours a piece or hmm how would u figure that? would it still be the same? Would you be safe an clear on Thursday for it to be gone?

411 24 Mar 2014

8 is just a example same with 2 or 4 or 6 so on just picked a random number I am prescribed 4 a day

masso 24 Mar 2014

Hi buddy, it would be 50 a piece.I think!!! lol free discount card

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