I got Mirena inserted March 11 when I wasn't on my period, I was supposed to have my period the week after the 11th but my mom had scheduled it and my period kinda just shows up so my mom basically just scheduled it a month from my period in Feb. just to be safe. My GYN gave me 2 pills to put up my vagina to open up my cervix since I wouldn't be on my period (misoprotistol) or something like that. I didn't bleed afterwards or anything it felt like induced cramping but it wasn't the worst thing in the world.The week after I started off just spotting then I eventually started bleeding kind of heavily but I was supposed to have my period that week anyway so it wasn't anything weird to me. I bled for about a week to a week and a half and I've been spotting ever since. I have an appt on Monday, April 6th with my GYN for my 1 month check up and I'm really considering taking it out. I was on the pill before I got Mirena but had stopped taking it because I kept switching insurances which kept messing with the cycle of taking pills since it was harder to get refills. I'm getting Married April 20th and I dont want this to ruin my wedding/honeymoon so does anyone know when I'll stop spotting? It's really frustrating