I have just passed my 3rd week on Prozac 20mg for anxiety, panic & depression, and so far I have not felt any real benefits, unfortunately I am experiencing some trouble sleeping and increased anxiety & nervousness to the point of inducing some panic attacks. Is this normal, is it true you may feel a lot worse before it gets better. How much time do I give it before deciding that it is not a proper fit for my body chemistry. I certainly do not want to wait 12 weeks to find out it is not going to help me. Is it true that Prozac takes a long time to work compared to other ssris. This is not my first time in taking an antidepressant but the trial and error method is just so frustrating for me. We take something to make us feel better, they actually make us sometimes feel worse and we have to push thru it just to see whether or not we have given it enough time then possibly switch and start the whole thing over again. It is such a vicous cycle and I know that I am not alone in feeling the frustration. I am not really interested in taking any quick acting anti anxiety meds to help me thru, I would rather lean on therapy that I am doing and some of the skills I have learned. I guess my real question is what is the general rule with Prozac in terms of if you haven't noticed real improvement by this amount of time then good chance it is not right for you. I know that everybody is different in how they react, but any personal insight and experiences and not what the books say would be greatly appreciated.