I am 56 and have mentioned to any Dr., a possibility of having "anxiety" for years now. I have been put on numerous anti-anxiety/depression meds but never felt like anything worked for me. Just recently ( 5 weeks ago ) I made my first appt. with a counselor who specializes in anxiety, ADD, ADHD and depression. Three weeks into it I was diagnosed with ADHD ( without me ever mentioning it to the Counselor ) and went to a Dr. for a prescription to help with this. The Dr. wanted to put me on Zoloft initially, but after naming the anti-depressants I've tried in the past (and didn't seem to help) and how desperate I am ( running in circles without accomplishing much, freaking out on my kid, forgetting what I'm doing, saying, hearing... ) they put me on 40mg in early a.m. a week ago and I feel just as much or more anxiety/panicky then before I was on it. Does it take a certain amount of time taking it for it to regulate in my body?