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How long before Gabapentin begins to work? Im taking it for fibromyalgia?

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kaismama 6 Jun 2015

You are probably starting on a low dose. One I got to the dose for me it wasn't more then a few days.

SBTBAB3 7 Jun 2015

I just started gabapentin 6 days ago for diabetic neuropathy (extremely bad), I started out at low dose 300 mg/day and now up to 1800 mg/day. What dose are you at? I feel a little bit of relief. Do I need to be on longer for it to work better? Also, I'm having some blurry vision - is that a side effect? If so, will it go away as my body gets used to taking it?

Inactive 6 Jun 2015

Should be in a couple of days.
Good luck. God bless.

kmblum11 30 Nov 2015

When I was diagnosed with FMS, my doctor started me out on a very low dose of Gabapentin (100mg). It took about two weeks before I saw any improvement from it. I was already taking a low dose of Topamax (25mg, apparently I'm extremely sensitive to Topamax and they can't increase the dose). I do not know if that affected how long the Gabapentin took to work or if it was the low dose. free discount card

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