Ok so first off im new to the page. iv been reading alot of responses on here and cant find my exact question. I want to know how long before im back to my old self. I started taking percocet 10s 6 months ago after having a tumor removed from my jaw bone. After 3 weeks I was supposed to be off them and feeling no pain. Before I knew it I was taking them just for the energy they gave me. I know I haven't been using near as long as some people on here. But for the last 5 months I been taking 30-45mg a day never taken more than 60 on my worst day if that makes sense. I woke up the other day and grabbed my pills and something told me enough is enough. My last dose was 50 hours ago. I still have terrible restless legs syndrome and my mind feels like I cant turn it off at night.so sleep has been out the question. Also still having chills and no appetite. How long before this is all over and im feeling like my old self before the pills