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How long does it take before I will feel better took 3 doses so far of remicade?

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lovemycats 25 Apr 2013

Hi sheshe. Dont know if you are still hoping for an answer, but I just finished my 3rd. infusion last week, and I am sorry to say I havent noticed any great improvement. We added prednisone also, but not much luck.
I have read that those that it does help, have had at least 3 infusions, so maybe there is still hope! Hope you keep us posted as to how you are doing.
Linda (lovemycats)

bestpup 25 Apr 2013

To sheshe213. From. bestpup
Unfortunately, Remicade should of started to show some relief by it's 3rd or 5th intravenous (IV) or infusion (INF).
Remicade works by decreasing the infiltration of inflammatory cells of the lntestines.
Best of luck. bestpup

MacIntosh12 27 Apr 2013

Hi bestpup, I'm sorry to post this here, but just want you to know that I've close to 700 emails, I will try to find your PQ asap, just give me some time.
Your friend,

bestpup 30 Apr 2013

To sheshe 213. From bestpup.
When I took it, I took it by way of infiltration. I want to say it didn't work until the 8th or 10th dose? By the 5th dose the doctor combined the Remicade with Opium tincture.
After the treatment I would have approximately 4 to 6 Opium tincture drops. Nasty nasty taste however it gave me back some of my freedom.
Hope this might work for you too.
Best of luck, bestpup

Bowskiter 26 Apr 2013

Do you have IBS? If so after the third infusion you should feel better but they might have to adjust the dosage maybe some presdine but the adjustment should help.after my second infusion I felt almost like my regular self. Are you going every 2weeks for first three infusions? free discount card

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