I've taken bupropion previously as mono therapy, but by itself it was far too agitating for me and I had to quit taking it. It did, however, greatly improve some lingering sexual dysfunction from when I'd taken lexapro. I've been on citalopram for a few months and, as before with the lexapro, it's impossible for me to achieve ejaculation/orgasm now. My physician though it'd be worth adding bupropion to see if it helps with this problem. I've been taking 150mg SL for about three weeks; and started taking 150mg SL twice daily four days ago. Unfortunately, the problem persists. For those who've taken bupropion with an SSRI, how long was it before you saw some improvement in sexual function?
Aside from this problem, the combination of the two has worked wonder for my mood. Taken together they are definitely more effective than either alone.
Thanks for any insight you might provide.